«Organised: Simple Ways to Declutter Your House, Your Schedule and Your Mind» de Sarah Reynolds

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Wouldn't life run more smoothly if your home was organized? Whether you live in a chaotic family home or a small apartment, this book will show you how to organize your self, schedule and space so that getting and staying organized is easy; declutter with confidence; set up your wardrobe so you wear the clothes you have; entertain friends in a relaxing, clean space; tame your inbox!

Step-by-step, room-by-room, you'll soon find that you hardly ever lose things, massive clear outs become a thing of the past and you never spend more than 10 minutes a day tidying up.

If you are stuck in a vicious cycle of wanting to get organized but not having enough time to do so, then Organised is what you've been waiting for. This book will help you fall in love with your home again and keep it that way. Learn:

  • How to deal with those paralyzing feelings of stress and overwhelm
  • How to gain more time and incorporate habits of organization into your life
  • Why getting organized benefits you.

The author: Sarah Reynolds

Sarah Reynolds is an Organising expert and the owner of Organised Chaos in Dublin, Ireland. Organised Chaos is Ireland's first Professional Decluttering and Organising company, established in 2010. Sarah is the only trained Professional Organiser in Ireland. She trained under the personal guidance of America’s number one Professional Organiser, and regular contributor to the Oprah show, Julie Morgenstern in New York.

Through her business, Sarah helps home owners and businesses reach their full potential through effective organisation. She transforms oppressive spaces into functional, productive and stylish places to live and work. Sarah shares her organisational expertise on Irish TV and radio, has written and contributed to Irish Times newspaper, Image magazine, Image Interiors and Living magazine, Irish Tatler magazine and is a monthly writer for Houzz Ireland & UK.

She was involved with 3 Mobile’s Positive APPtitude campaign as a Home Organisation Lifestylist. In the US and Canada, she has been featured in An Organized World tele summit which has been developed into an e-book, as well as being featured in the Metropolitan Organizing Blog and Getting Organized Magazine. Sarah also writes a blog on organisation which won second place for the Best Lifestyle Blog in the 2015 Blog Ireland Awards.[1]


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